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Sciatica Research and Advice You’re Free To Ignore

Would you believe me if I told you there was something that you could do to help your sciatica that comes with long-term results equal to and with less potential side effects than back surgery itself? Here’s some sciatica research and advice you’re free to ignore.


Imagine what your life would be like if you never had to worry about your sciatica again?

Imagine the joy of never having to cancel a round of golf. Picture waking up in the morning, after a relaxing night of uninterrupted sleep, and being able to spring out of bed without worrying about the referring leg or debilitating back pain.

What would your life be like if the uncertainty of sciatica was gone? If you never had to worry about picking something up and ‘throwing out’ your back? If you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, you would never feel that knife-like low back pain and burning leg pain ever again?

Not long ago, back surgery was considered the gold standard, go-to option when treating sciatica. It was thought that if you went under the knife and ‘cleaned-up’ your spine, it would help your spine heal and fix your sciatica, but it turned out that wasn’t entirely true.

Things have changed.

Surgery definitely has a time and place, helping many who had tried everything else with no relief whatsoever. The problem is the group of people who would benefit from back surgery is both relatively small and difficult to predict. Problem #2 is for those who the surgery has failed, they are left suffering with the same excruciating pain or…in many cases worse!

The more information you have about this procedure, the more you come to the conclusion  failed back surgery is definitely not on the bucket list.

The good news…the bigger this problem has become (affecting 10% of the world’s population), the more new scientific research is being done and made available to us.

A recent study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that “61% of the patients with sciatica who had failed other medical management, benefited from ‘something else’ as if they had gone to surgery.”


I’ll get to that in a minute, but before I do, you need to understand and learn something important about sciatica. There is rarely just one cause; instead there are many factors that contribute to sciatica.

With so many potential causes of sciatica, it makes diagnosis and treatment of this condition challenging to say the least. This is a primary reason why so many treatments ‘don’t work’ and why sciatica has a nasty reputation for coming back over and over again.

The reason that this ‘something else’ has been so successful at helping sciatica patients recover and heal is two-fold.

1) This ‘something else’ addresses a core underlying problem with the structure of your body.

2) Correction of this problem stimulates your body to create a more effective healing environment.

Remember ‘sciatica’ means inflammation of the sciatic nerve. This nerve is the 2nd largest nerve in your body (after your spinal cord) and is made up of 5 smaller nerves (L3, L4, L5, S1, S2) that leave the spine joining together to form the sciatic nerve. It’s also longest nerve in your body running from the middle of your pelvis to the bottom of your big toe.

The length, complexity and the fact that 20+ spinal joints are potentially involved with the sciatic nerve, has led to sciatica being a diagnostic nightmare. This leads to false positives leaving many with different answers from different doctors. The end result is confusion and frustration at best and unnecessary surgery at worst.

As it stands right now if you have sciatica and you did absolutely nothing about it, chances are in two years from today you would be slightly better (you read that right) than someone who opted for surgery.

If you did physiotherapy and exercise, in two years you would be better than the group that did nothing. If you did physiotherapy, exercise and that ‘something’ else, you would have the best chance of being sciatica free without the stress and impact of surgery.

The magic of this ’something else’ comes from what all sciatica patients have in common. 1) a problem with your spine 2) interference in your nerve system and 3) general joint mobility problems.

Do me a favour? I need you to run a test for me.

I’m serious. Stop reading this article and stand up. Make sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart and squat, keeping your heels on the ground. Whatever you do, don’t raise your heels.

Try to squat all the way down until your butt is at your heels; don’t hold on to anything on the way down or up.

Could you do it or did you fall over? Was there any pain in your hips, low back, ankles, or knees? Did your toes turn out? Did your heels come off the ground?

If you are ever going to get reduce and possibly get rid of your sciatica you need to fix those issues and very likely other structural ones that are impairing your ability to recover.


This ‘something else’ I’ve been talking about has the potential to help with interference in your nerve system, the problem with your spine and your mobility problems.

This ‘something else’ is Bio-Structural Restoration using the Life By Design Chiropractic Method™.

I’m not talking about traditional chiropractic care (which is wonderful at reducing pain for a period of time). The LBD Chiropractic Method™ is a multi-factorial approach to correcting, stabilizing and strengthening your spine while reducing interference to the nervous system.

This Method™ address ALL three problems that plague sciatica sufferers.

  • the spine problem
  • the nerve problem
  • the mobility problem

Step one is simple. Determine through the application of a comprehensive Bio-Structural Examination, IF a problem with your spine and nervous system is present.

No more guess work and no more ‘going by feel’. We can determine once and for all if you have a structural problem and IF we can help or not.

If you have any questions about your case, please leave them below or if you’re looking for a risk-free way to see if the LBD Chiropractic Method™ can help your sciatica, simply book your free case review.

Dr. Jamie Richards

I’m Jamie and I’m obsessed with health, passionate about maximizing performance and love being an expert in Bio-Structural Restoration™. As the CEO and founder of Life By Design Inc. I have the drive to lead our community toward extraordinary lives. I am in love with my wife, Dana, daughters Andie & Scottie, I’m fanatical about modern design, and I’m deeply committed to the pursuit of a happy life.

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