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4 Stretches To Target Your Neck & Leave Your Headaches Behind

When it comes to headaches, the only thing worse than the pounding in your skull and vice grip tension in your neck is not knowing what to do about it. Try these 4 stretches to target your neck & leave your headaches behind.


Due to the complex structure within the head and neck region, every and any tissue within the area can be a primary or even secondary source of pain generation. In short, your headache could be from irritation of certain muscles, the discs, ligaments, nerves…you get the point.

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The complex nature of a headache also makes solving your headache problem more difficult than simply popping a few Tylenol.

Considering that the category of medication Tylenol falls into accounts for 16,000+ deaths per year in the United States, you may think twice about running to the medicine cabinet to grab some pain relief or at minimum, give some thought to digging deeper into potential reasons your head keeps pounding.

If your headaches are occurring more than 2 times per month, they are now chronic headaches. You may have a structural problem at root of your pain. and that’s something an expert in Bio-Structural Restoration can help with. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Doctors to review your case.


Dr. Francois demonstrates 4 stretches you can use anywhere and anytime to help feel better faster.–eRtoI


You can use these stretches 2 ways…

1. Reactive – apply the stretches anytime you’re suffering from a headache and you’ll notice an immediate reduction of tension in neck and surrounding structures.

2. Proactive – create a routine of stretching to get ahead of the game and begin fixing the structures that may be the culprit of your chronic headaches.

Want some other action steps? Grab The Headache Survival Guide for free.

Dr. Jamie Richards

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