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Is This The Missing Link To Your Missing Results?

“I would really love to lose 10 pounds!”

“I‘m eating by design and I don’t think it’s working.”

“I’m so tired all the time, why can’t I just have enough energy?”

There’s a possibility you’re doing everything you can to reach your goals but it’s also highly probable you are missing one or more important pieces to the success puzzle.  How do I know?

Let’s revisit the formula:


This means you need to be doing all the right things, consistently for a period of time, preferably a lifetime.

Where are you going wrong?  Here are 3 areas that might be your missing link:

You think you’re eating by design but you just aren’t.

You’re doing a great job eating protein at every meal, taking your essentials and maybe even eating less grains…but what else is sneaking on to your plate?

Are you bringing on “off track” treats like almond flour cookies and gluten free garbage?

Are you increasing your healthy fat content from sources like avocado, coconut, butter, olive oil and fish oil?

You’re under too much stress.

You may not even feel it!  Life is good, the family is good, and work is good.

What your body perceives as stress (and responds to) can be as seemingly benign as sitting, rushing to meet a deadline or not exercising enough.

To you, its no big deal, but to your body, it’s time for fight or flight.  Unfortunately the long-term consequence of chronic, undetected stress is suppressed immunity, fat accumulation and decreased energy.

Your sleep quality and quantity are poor.

Since 1955 our average sleep quantity has dropped from 8.5 hours per night to below 7!  For most of us 7 hours seems like a full night’s sleep, but how can we expect our bodies to perform at 100% if that’s not enough?

What’s worse may be getting plenty of sleep but little of it being restful.  The result is less time for healing and repair, less opportunity for the brain to recover and a body that continues to breakdown even when you think you are doing everything right.

Do an audit of these 3 areas and determine if there’s an elephant in the room stopping you from getting the results you really want!  Then create an action plan to solve your problem.

Let us know what your missing link was and what you plan to do it?

Dr. Jamie Richards

I’m Jamie and I’m obsessed with health, passionate about maximizing performance and love being an expert in Bio-Structural Restoration™. As the CEO and founder of Life By Design Inc. I have the drive to lead our community toward extraordinary lives. I am in love with my wife, Dana, daughters Andie & Scottie, I’m fanatical about modern design, and I’m deeply committed to the pursuit of a happy life.

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