Feeling Guilty?

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Who is Charlie?

There was a time when people had moments to spare, when relationships were built in person and food was prepared with real and healthful ingredients.
It was the time of Charlie.

My grandfather loved coffee, he loved his garden and he
loved a spirited debate over any topic.

Charlie’s Cafe is a community that embodies what it means to “keep it real.” Real people, serving real food, made from real ingredients, that you can enjoy without the guilt.

What's on Tap?

Pull up a stool and stay a while or grab and go. Everything at Charlie’s is sure to make you happy (and maybe even a bit surprised) that you’re eating healthy! To find out more about what it means to Eat By Design click HERE.

Real coffee

Roasted fresh and delivered weekly, our small batch coffees are ethically sourced and slow roasted to bring out unique flavours that tell the story of everyone involved in their production.

organic tea

We have selected the finest teas hand blended by one of Canada’s most knowledgeable tea Sommeliers.

protein shakes

Need a boost? We source the best pasture-fed, cross-filtered, 100% New Zealand whey isolate and blend it with fresh ingredients for a muscle building, energy producing drink. Use it as a snack, a convenient breakfast, or nutritious post workout refill.

fresh pressed juice

Each of our Ontario made, raw, organic juices are created using an industrial grade, hydraulic cold press juicer and shipped fresh! A cold press does not introduce heat or oxygen, producing the purest, most nutrient dense juice that you can get your hands on.

by design snacks

Eating By Design doesn’t just include fully prepared, healthful meals. Every now and then a tasty snack is nice too! Check out our grain-free granolas, beef jerky, energy packs and other foods you won’t believe are By Design.


The best source for all your nutrients is from real food. Instead of wasting your money on unnecessary supplements, we carry a short list of the best “essentials” on the market.
Grab your Vitamin D, great tasting Omega-3’s and gut replenishing Probiotics at Charlie’s Cafe.

approved extras

Check out the marketplace full of our favorite odds and ends. Let us save you the time, energy and money to source them out and ship them in. Everything from natural toothpaste and deodorant (that works), baby skincare products, essential oils and more.


This organic, handcrafted kombucha is produced using only the best quality local, organic and fairly-traded ingredients. Our “booch” will give you a punch of healthy probiotics with a smooth refreshing finish you’ll find in no other organic fermented beverage!

Daily Meals

Every day quick, healthy and great tasting meals will be ready for you to eat in or take out.

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